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Students' Recitals

Dennis Nguyen - Norturne (F. Chopin)

Dennis Nguyen is our 7th year student. He began to take piano lessons at 4 years old and he started at our school 2 years ago. Norturne is a moderately difficult classical piece that requires the dynamics and phrasing techniques of the performer. Dennis futher performed 3 more songs for the recital night and we are happy to have him as a student.

Debbie Nguyen - Fur Elise (L.V. Beethoven)

Debbie is another great student from our school's 4th year students. She began her musical journey when she was 4 years old with her grandfather, Phi Phu Nghiem. And now she is only two more years from graduation from our piano program. The SBTN performance was her first publicly broadcast recitals to the Vietnamese community and has since received many support and appreciations from the audience.

Dennis Nguyen - Concerto Nr. 20 in D minor (W.A. Mozart)

Dennis closed out the night for the Memorial Music night for Phi Phu Nghiem, an event hosted by SBTN TV station. He was accompanied with his piano teacher, Trieu Pham. The first movement was picked to showcase the complexity and dynamics of the wonderful arrangement by Mozart. Dennis is 13 years old and is 2 more years away from graduating from our school's piano program

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